Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

Lirik Lagu Crazy --- Teen Top (Eng Version)

Crazy - Teen Top

OK, you got me going crazy
I don't know what to do I need you

* I need you Babe Babe Babe - don't tell me goodbye
I want you Babe Babe Babe - why is love so hard?
Please Stop Stop Breaking my heart I love you girl
Stop Stop Breaking my heart I need you girl
Stop Stop Breaking my heart I love you girl
You're so ambiguous, I can't figure you out

What are you doing, why can't I reach you?
Did you find someone else?
I miss you, this really isn't it
Why are you avoiding my calls, stop playing around

It hasn't even hit me - since you are not by my side
Every single day by day, it's like hell to me
It hurts to the point of death, it's so hard, I'm about to go crazy
What do I do with my heart that you ripped apart?

* repeat

I crazily try to erase you from my heart but there's no point
No matter how much I think about it, to me, it's only you
You're the One One Can't get you out of my mind
I can't forget you, who I can't even call out so I'm just crying

Days when I thought I could forget you keep increasing
My own delusion of you coming back is torturing me
At this rate, I will go crazy because of you
Come back, come back, I will wait here

* repeat

I love u girl Oh my girl - at thoughts of you, I will really go crazy
I miss u girl Oh my girl - I miss you even more today

One two three four Everybody come on Here we Go
Teen Top Go Go Put your Hands up High High x 2

Selasa, 10 Januari 2012


Annyeonghaseyo ~~ Hi, Shania here
Now, I will share my opinion about my biased. Yeah thats Kwangmin and Niel. Hehe, I'm Kpopers now. wkwk. Ok, no need to linger - a long, please read.


Niel - Teen Top

You know they are who? Yes, it is Jo Kwangmin 'BOYFRIEND' (The photo above) and Ahn Daniel 'TEEN TOP' (Photo below).
When I find biographical data about Teen Top, I saw Daniel's photo. The first time I saw, I think it Kwangmin Boyfriend. But, after I saw it well, turns it was Niel Teen Top. Do you know if that makes Kwangmin and Niel look the same?
Which makes them look the same is face shape, hairstyle, and lip. ~~OMO, their lips are very sexy. I like their lips. I want to have lips like Kwangmin and Niel. And another which makes Kwangmin and Niel look the  same, that is THEIR SMILE. OMO~~ I'm melting. I love their smile, I want them to smile for me :* (Mwo? haha).
And what makes them different is their eyes. Kwangmin have eyes that are wider than Niel. Yeah, it's just a little of my opinion. Do you also agree with me? haha It's up to you guys :) I'm just sharing my opinion.

Thanks for reading, ~~ ghamsahabnida :)

Biodata Personil Teen Top


C. A. P
Real name: Bang Min Soo
Birthday: 1992.11.04
Age: 18
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 61kg
Hobbies: Design, drawing and exercise
Speciality: Writing lyrics and rapping
Education: Seongname Information Industry High School, 3rd Grade

Real Name: Lee Chan Hee
Birthday: 1993.10.05
Age: 16
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 53kg
Hobbies: Puzzles, reading
Speciality: Imitations
Education: Seongji Middle School, 2nd grade


Real Name: Lee Byung Hun
Birthday: 1993.11.23
Age: 17
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 50kg
Hobbies: Acting
Speciality: Piano, violin, music composition, English
Education: Korea Arts High School, 1st grade

Real Name: Ahn Daniel
Birthday: 1994.08.16
Age: 16
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 54kg
Hobbies: Music appreciation
Speciality: Football
Education: Heungjin High School, 1st grade


Real Name: Yoo Chang Hyun
Birthday: 1995.02.27
Age: 15
Height: 172cm
Weight: 55kg
Hobbies: Movies Appreciation, piano
Speciality: Acting
Education: Namgang Middle School, 3rd grade


Real Name: Choi Jong Hyun
Birthday: 1995.11.16
Age: 15
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 58kg
Hobbies: Choreography composition, music appreciation
Speciality: Self-defence
Education: ChunCheon Middle School, 3rd grade

Minggu, 08 Januari 2012

Lirik Lagu Be Mine --- Infinite



L/Myungsoo] Jikyeobwa wat janha ni sarangeul gin ibyeoreul

[Woohyun] neul sangcheo badeul ba en nan ge na, ah

[Sungjong] kkok baro bwa, uneunge shilheoseo geurae

[Sunggyu] apeunge himdeureo geurae, geureon neol bolttae mada
naekkeo haja, naega neol saranghae, eo? naega neol geokjeonghae, eo?
naega neol kkeut kkaji, chaekim jil ge
naekkeo haja, niga nal aljanha, eo? niga nal bwat janha, eo?
naega neol kkeut kkaji, jikyeo julge

[Sungyeol] Do you hear me… Do you hear me… oh

[Hoya] jeojeun gieok bakhin nungil kkeut nae
pumeseo jukkil barae

[Dongwoo] jallin maeumi heullin nunmul samki neun geon
naji magi deullin neora do gamchu neun na

[L/Myungsoo] neom chinda saenggakhae neon na ege neul geuraesseo

[Sunggyu] ni sangcheo ga neul surok keoji neun mam

[Sungjong] naegero wa, utneunge johaseo geurae

[Woohyun] pyeon hage haejuryeo geurae, jeogeo do namaneun neol

naekkeo haja, naega neol saranghae, eo? naega neol geokjeonghae, eo?
naege neol kkeut kkaji, chaekim jil ge
gati gaja, himdeun gil geod jima, eo? shwibji anhat janha, eo?
dashi neun geureon neol, bogi shilheo (Oh)
naekkeo haja, naega neol saranghae, eo? naega neol geokjeonghae, eo?
naega neol kkeut kkaji, chaekim jil ge

[Dongwoo] da tujin anheul kka, sangcheo tto aneul kka
kkeunhim eobtneun apeun gori e
hangsang sori eobtneun jeonjaeng neon murihae
geokjeong ye bang paero nan ni ape

[Hoya] naneun dal cheoreom ni juwil dolgo dora
buri keojyeo beorin ni sarangeun nohgo nalbwa
gipi paeyo beorin sangcheo, deopeo julge
utge, halge, naegeollo mandeulge

Translate :
I've watched over you
Over all your loves and your long breakups
If you're always going to get hurt, it's better to be with me
Look clearly- I just don't like it when you cry
It hurts me to see you in pain

Be mine, I will love you
I will worry about you
I will take responsibility for you till the end

Be mine, you know me
You've seen me for all this time
I will protect you till the end

Do you hear me
Do you hear me oh

All those tear drenched memories-
I hope they will all die within my embrace
Even if I hear you softly swallowing your tears
with your broken heart, I will hide it

You are overflowing, as you've always been to me
As your scars increase, my love for you increases
Please come to me, cus I love your smile
cus I want to make you comfortable
At least for me to you

Be mine, I will love you
I will worry about you
I will take responsibility for you till the end

Let's go together, don't walk the hard path
It wasn't easy for you
I just don't want you to go through that again

Be mine, I will love you
I will worry about you
I will take responsibility for you till the end

I worry if you'll fight again
I worry if you'll be hurt again
In your painful helplessness
This silent battle is too much for you
With my shield of worries in front of you
Like a moon I revolve around you
Take your extinguished love and look at me
I will cover your deeply wounded scars
I will make you smile, I will make you mine